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Guide to Swimming Pool Lighting

by | Mar 25, 2023 | Arteriors Blog, Planning | 0 comments

Guide to Swimming Pool Lighting

Adding different lighting styles to your swimming pool can completely transform its look and feel at night. LED, underwater, and landscape lighting can create a luxurious and ambient atmosphere, making your pool area feel like a private resort. Pools are already an excellent backyard feature for any home or can help transform the space of a resort or hotel, but fantastic lighting can take it to the next level. Many pool owners are unaware of the variety of lighting options available. You can make your swimming pool lighting even more extraordinary by exploring the many options available and bringing the fun up a notch. Swimming pool lighting is essential for extending pool fun into the night and ensuring safety. Proper lighting can make a significant difference in the appearance and functionality of outdoor swimming pools. To learn about the best lighting options, continue reading the ultimate guide to swimming pool lighting.

Evening view for luxury swimming pool in night illumination

Ideas For Swimming Pool Lighting

There are endless pool lighting ideas, and the list can continue on and on when you think about the creativity you can explore with your swimming pool lighting. It can be hard to know precisely what you want to do with your swimming pool when it comes to the lighting, and it can be hard to know exactly where to start. Thinking of original ideas can be challenging, and when you start thinking about the different options you can tackle for your backyard, the list continues. That’s why we’ve gathered our top ideas for swimming pool lighting that you can choose from to ensure that you have only the most aesthetically pleasing backyard.

Swimming pool with decorative led lights and brick wall

Tiki Torches

Tiki torches are a classic, but unfortunately, many higher-end pool owners are hesitant since there are a few severe downsides to using tiki torches around their pool. But the good news is that pool owners don’t have to feel as though they’re settling when they choose tiki torches since you can purchase higher quality tiki torches that will have all the fun aspects without any drawbacks. These types of tiki torches are typically built from brass and copper and are wired with a low-voltage lighting system, just as the rest of your system is. Usually, these fun tiki torches work by using a wick that burns oil at the top of the tiki torch, and then another light works by splashing light onto the surrounding area, which, in this case, is your pool deck. With this, you can get beautiful, aesthetically pleasing lighting with fun energy.

Hot Tub

Now you might think that you’ve heard a thousand times that your hot tub area should be kept calm and quiet when it comes to lighting. And you would be correct with that thought––any jacuzzi area should be kept private, and the less lighting, the better. But that doesn’t mean you can’t include lighting in the hot tub area. Think about the space around your hot tub––whether it be a walkway or a key landscape feature––you can make it stand out with beautiful lighting. It’s important to remember that you don’t want direct light on the jacuzzi, but it can be beautiful to have just a splash around the hot tub.

Use The Stairs

A luxury modern backyard with a swimming pool

One aspect of the backyard that is often overlooked when it comes to lighting is the stairs. If you have steps leading up or around your patio or pool area, you can light these up with stunning aesthetics. This isn’t only for the sake of beauty with your swimming pool lighting but also for safety reasons. There’s no better way to ruin a fun night in the pool than slipping on the stairs on the way up. Usually, when people think about lights for their steps, tread lighting is the first option. This type of lighting works by being built right into the stair and then illuminating the steps directly below the light. These lights will be hidden but will effectively do the job of illuminating the stairs to ensure safety.

Underwater Lighting

Although it’s a worthy option you certainly want to consider, outside pool lights aren’t only used in the surrounding pool. Pool lights can go in the water and specifically inside your pool. Installing LED lights in the pool and below the water’s surface can help illuminate the pool’s liner and the water itself. The pool can glow softly with your chosen color, making the water almost magical. This is perfect for those that enjoy a late-night swim and can have the pool completely illuminated. However, it’s important to note that since these lights are typically built into the pool’s walls, it’s best to have these installed during pool construction or renovation.

Lighting business for luxury backyard swimming pool. Relaxed lifestyle with contemporary design by professionals.

Floating Lights

If you’re looking to add a unique flair to your pool and don’t want to do too much of the work, then using colorful floating lights can be the perfect answer. Sometimes you can add aesthetically pleasing lighting to your pool without having to hang lighting or install it. These floating lights are the ideal answer to illuminating your pool without extra work. These lights can be set to a simple white or rotated through different LED light colors. These can be found at Home Depot, and the best part is that even if you forget to turn the lights off before leaving the pool, they’ll automatically turn off after two or five hours. These lights can be the perfect addition to your backyard and make your pool time much more enjoyable.

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