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The Role of Lighting in Landscaping

by | Jul 1, 2023 | Arteriors Blog, Design | 0 comments

Luxury Landscaping The Role of Lighting in Luxury Landscaping

The construction of houses with patios and front porches is continuously gaining more traction, with 59.6% of about 879, 000 single-family homes built in 2019 having patios. These outdoor spaces are more attractive to home lovers when coupled with luxury landscaping lighting.

In fact, a 2021 survey by the National Association of Home Builders indicates that 87% of homebuyers rate outdoor lighting as either desirable or essential. And it’s one of the most actively sought outdoor features by prospective home buyers, emphasizing its importance and what you might be missing if you don’t already have one in your outdoor space.

In this article, we’ll discuss what luxury landscaping lighting is, the role and impact of lighting in luxury landscaping, the types of landscape lighting, and more!

What is luxury landscaping lighting?

Also referred to as garden lighting, luxury landscaping lighting is the addition of lights in the outdoor spaces of public and private land. It transforms your outdoor space depending on your luxury landscaping lighting design and the types of lights you use.

The role of lighting in luxury landscaping is to provide illumination in your garden, mainly for safety. Let’s look at the role and impact of lighting in luxury landscaping.

The Role of Lighting in luxury landscaping

Luxury landscaping is a great way to create more value out of your outdoor spaces. You can do it in many ways depending on your budget, the available space, and the type of materials you’ll use. It could be as simple as setting up a vertical garden or installing a swing chair on your front porch.

You could also raise the bar a little higher by using strategies like luxury landscaping lighting. Illuminating your landscaping can help set the tone for an event, lighting dark areas of your outdoor space, or for ornamental reasons and to exude class. The reasons are countless.

So here are some roles of lighting in luxury landscaping;

      i. It maximizes your outdoor living experience

Nowadays, outdoor spaces serve as extension living areas. They’re used for entertaining guests and family even through the night. You can maximize these outdoor spaces by lighting them to enhance visibility.

Some extension uses of outdoor areas include bars, lounges, dining areas, and kitchens.

    ii. Highlighting key features

Luxury landscaping lighting allows you to accentuate the crucial features in your outdoor space during the nighttime. These features can be focal points such as your favorite tree or functional spots like hot tubs and water surfaces. You can achieve this by installing overhead lights that showcase the tree’s shape or having underwater lights in your backyard fish pond.

These interventions go a long way in increasing the aesthetic value of your home as visitors marvel at the highlighted features throughout the night. You can also accentuate the key areas in your yard flower beds, garden walls, and plant arrangements.

  iii. Providing safety

Almost 75% of burglaries occur at night, making poorly-lit homes susceptible to burglary. You can deter such cases by improving your compound safety through luxury landscaping lighting. Illuminating poorly-lit areas where burglars are more likely to hide will keep them away and enhance your overall security.

You should also provide sufficient lighting in high-traffic areas like patios and high-risk areas like pools. This improves the safety of your visitors as they can see what’s happening in your compound at night. Adequate lighting also allows your guests to view pathways, entries, exits, and staircases with ease, lowering the chances of tripping and accidents.

  iv. Creates inviting ambiance

The advancement in technology has also impacted luxury landscaping lighting positively. Technology enables you to control your lighting brightness and theme with the tap of your smartphone. It creates convenience as such applications limit walking up and down to switches.

What’s more, you can create the perfect mood or sensation for your event by altering the brightness, color, and theme of lighting on your phone. It amazes event guests and creates a favorable, long-lasting impression of your home.

     v. Increasing your home value/curb appeal

Around 81% of first-time home buyers in America consider outdoor lighting important when purchasing a home. Of these, 34% consider outdoor lighting a must-have. This signifies the importance of having landscaping lighting in closing sales deals with first-time home buyers.

Proper luxury landscaping lighting attracts potential home-buyers faster as it makes your home look more appealing. Curb appeal can increase the value of your home by as much as 20% when you put it on the market.

  vi. It reduces energy usage

Modern luxury landscaping lighting techniques seek to reduce your overall spending on utility. These modern landscaping lighting use LED lights which consume little power, making them affordable for outdoor lighting.

You can also utilize solar-powered lighting solutions, which significantly reduce your energy consumption resulting in cost-effective outdoor lighting.

Types of landscape lighting

The different types of landscape lighting include the following;

  • Down lighting– the lights are placed on trees or tall poles to provide a wide angle of light.
  • Uplighting– this technique is essential in directing focus on key features of your garden. The lights are placed at the base of a key feature, like a tree, to highlight its shape.
  • Backlighting provides long, shadowy patterns of trees or shrubs that have unusual shapes. The light is usually directly behind the shrubs or trees.
  • Floodlighting– the purpose of this outdoor lighting solution is to act as a security light as it offers brighter light than other landscape lighting solutions.
  • Patio, stair, and deck lights offer an aesthetic value to your staircase, patio, or deck. Also, they provide safety by illuminating pathways to prevent stumbling.
  • Water lighting creates aesthetic value for your outdoor environment by highlighting waterways at night. It also doubles as a safety precaution by highlighting high-risk areas like fountains, pools, streams, and waterfalls.
  • Shadowing creates unique shadows of plant arrangement patterns on walls and fences for interesting visual effects.

Path lights are for safety precautions on walkways, driveways, and pathways.

What factors to consider when conducting luxury landscaping lighting?

Some of the factors you must consider when setting up your luxury landscaping lighting project include the following;

a. Cost of installation

The cost of installing your luxury landscaping lighting depends on the size of your backyard, the type of outdoor lighting you want to install, the existing lighting solutions in place, and the professional charges of a lighting professional.

b. Electrical requirements

Your electrical requirements, for instance, solar-powered lights, have few requirements compared to low-voltage lights of around 12V that require a breakdown transformer. There are also 120V lights that you must bury their wiring at depths of 18 inches.

c. Type of lighting

The type and amount of outdoor lighting you require can be general, task, accent, or layer lighting.

d. Environmental impact

You must access the environmental impact of your outdoor lighting based on the outdoor lighting ordinances.

Wrapping up

Outdoor living is much more enjoyable with some luxury lighting landscaping. You’re bound to create memories for your guests and yourself by making your event warm, full of experience, secure, and attractive.

At Arteriors Design, we’re committed to improving your outdoor living experience with luxury lighting landscaping. Our craftsmanship is unmatched as we offer state-of-the-art products including custom lighting for outdoor kitchens and dining areas, artificial turfs, swim-up bars and lounges, and play areas for your kids.

Get in touch with us now to create value with lighting in luxury landscaping.

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