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Infinity Pools Achieve a Perfect View

by | Mar 22, 2023 | Arteriors Blog, Design | 0 comments

Infinity Pools Achieve a Perfect View

Infinity pools are a classic luxury swimming pool feature that creates the illusion of an endless edge, blending in with the surrounding landscape or offering a stunning skyline view. These types of pools often appear infinite since they have what are referred to as vanishing edges or negative edges. This gives the appearance to viewers that the pool is infinite. Usually, you’ll find these types of pools built into hotel resorts or luxurious homes where they’ll take the appearance of any area to the next level. Although some may think the name is dramatic, you can rest assured that the view is undoubtedly equal in drama. The benefits of installing an infinity pool are endless, just as their appearance and the perfect view are only one of the benefits. In this article, we’ll talk about why infinity pools achieve the perfect look.

How Does An Infinity Pool Work

Despite the appearance, the water that flows over the edge of the pool doesn’t simply fall to the floor beneath the edge of the pool. Instead, the pool works using a catch basin previously installed around the base of the pool wall. This basin catches the water from the edge and recirculates it into the main infinity pool water. Think of this as two levels of the pool––the first level is the main pool, and the second level is the basin strategically built into the base of the main pool. The basin is only built into the infinity edge, leaving the other three edges completely normal. This means that the main edge of the pool does have an edge, just hidden. This inch and the basin create the illusion of an endless stream of water.

Why don’t you see the basin? Well, the basin is completely hidden from view on the other three sides of the pool. This helps to maintain the look that is so appealing about the pool and helps to deliver the illusion that the pool is infinite seamlessly.

Luxurious View

Luxurious View

The most significant benefit of installing an infinity pool is the luxurious view that you’ll get. Many people opt to install an infinity pool because of the one-of-a-kind view they’ll receive and the aesthetic that will accompany them when the pool is installed. You can think of it as a complete built-in, aesthetically pleasing view of a stunning horizon where viewers can experience a beautiful skyline, a gorgeous landscape, or the setting sun. Travelers worldwide will come to hotels and resorts to experience the luxury of an infinity pool. Swimming in this pool is an experience, and many travelers appreciate taking a quick selfie to share their socials of the stunning view. When it comes to views from a pool, nothing can beat what you’ll see from the edge of an infinity pool.

The Environment

The Environment

When considering the environment and warning to make an environmentally sound choice in your swimming pool, an infinity pool is the best option. Compared to the many other pool styles where water is lost over the edge, infinity pools collect the water that goes over the edge in the basin and is seen as a ‘recycling’ form. This means the water and energy are reserved, making an infinity pool far more environmentally friendly than a regular pool. In addition, the pump in the pool that works to recycle in the basin only functions when the pool is functioning. This means the pump has a practical design that helps keep the pool environmentally friendly.

Can Infinity Pools Be Customized

When looking at infinity pools, people often wonder if they can be customized to their specifications so that it’s the best for their house and landscape. When traveling, you might have noticed that many infinity pools are different and customized to the exact location. Therefore, infinity pools may look drastically different depending on their location. Some even have more than one hidden basin where the water disappears so that the illusion may differ depending on the location. When creating infinity pools, a great deal of detail goes into making sure that the edges and architectural detailing are perfectly calculated so that the price may increase depending on the exact additions to the infinity pool. So yes, you can customize your infinity pool, although it may cost you more.

What Should Be Considered Before Installing An Infinity Pool

If you’re considering installing an infinity pool, there’s a great deal to consider before you make your final decision. The biggest thing you want to consider is the backdrop that will suit the aesthetic. The entire point of an infinity pool and the greatest benefit of installing one is the luxurious view, so it’s critical that you have a backdrop that will suit the infinity pool, whether it be a beautiful view of a landscape, skyline, or maybe even the ocean. You also want to consider the pool and if you have enough room for it, especially the pool built below the main pool. Finally, you want to ensure you have the space to build a low enough basin that won’t be seen but also high enough to catch the water that goes over the edge easily.

When thinking about who will build your pool, you want to put the proper amount of thought into choosing a pool builder who can pull off the job smoothly. Building an infinity pool is no easy task, so it will take someone with a sound reputation and skills to bring your dream pool to life. Therefore, you thoroughly research your chosen company and ensure they can do the job well.

Choose Only The Best

Arteriors is the ideal pool company for those who want a perfect infinity pool. Our company provides excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail, ensuring that every job is done right. With us, you can have the perfect view whenever you want it. Contact us today to start building your dream pool!

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