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Luxury Landscaping: Creating a Timeless Landscape Design

by | Jul 1, 2023 | Arteriors Blog, Design | 0 comments

Timeless landscapes stand out because of their overall designs. The designs create a good impression on visitors and stick through time.

Luxury landscapes act as your home oasis away from the busy city life. Professional landscape designers use their experiences in luxury landscaping and your preferences to create a timeless landscape design.

This article will discuss how you to create a timeless landscape design and tips for long-lasting luxury. Read on to learn more.

Creating a Timeless Landscape Design

Timeless landscape designs speak highly of your personality. Your guests get a glimpse of what to expect from your home since these designs are the first thing they see in your outdoor spaces. You can use timeless landscape designs to create a warm friendly environment or a relaxing space for you and your guests.

Here are 4 factors you must consider when creating timeless landscape design;

a. Use classic design principles

Great landscape designers tend to achieve a timeless landscape design by reimagining the design of your property. Long gone are the days when you have to conform to the shape of your property when designing luxury landscapes.

Today, designers use classic design principles that improve the curb appeal of your landscape and sway your visitors off their feet. For example, your designer may opt for a curvilinear edge instead of a rectilinear edge. This is because a curvilinear-shaped edge opens up your landscape to create ample space for your guests.

Another classic design principle is the use of luxury lighting. Its primary function is to illuminate your landscape throughout the night. However, a creative landscape designer can tweak it to improve your architecture and the mood of your audience during an outdoor event.

b. Use durable materials

The quality of materials in your luxury landscape matters. Good quality materials stand the test of time and give your home a polished look. On the other hand, poor-quality materials are cheap to acquire but can be quite costly over time.

Always ensure that you use high-quality materials in your landscape for a timeless landscape design. Such materials are easy to maintain as they seldom break down because of high durability standards.

c. Use low-maintenance features

Besides cutting the cost and time spent on maintaining your luxury landscape, low-maintenance features offer value for a prolonged period.

The following are low-maintenance features that create a timeless landscape design;

  • Using stone and gravel pathways –by so doing, you no longer have to sweep the pathways
  • Classifying your outdoor garden plants based on their light and water requirements. It makes it effective in taking care of the plants and they get to grow under optimal water and light conditions.
  • You can install artificial turfs in your outdoor areas. They last long and don’t need to be mowed, weeded, or watered. Thus, they reduce labor costs while adding value.

d. Always go for quality over quantity

Timeless landscape designs stand out because of the quality of the products you use. You’ll be cluttering your landscape if you prioritize the quantity of products over quality.

Quality products aren’t necessarily expensive or designer-branded. They’re products that serve you for long periods without replacing them frequently. They allow you to budget for one-time purchases of good-quality products that captivate visitors.

Tips for Long-lasting Luxury

Timeless landscape designs go hand in hand with luxury. They require that you invest in high-end products that will stand the test of time. Here are some ideas for creating timeless luxury landscapes;

       i. Cluster plants together

Plants make long-lasting luxury landscape design when they’re designed appropriately. They offer exceptional views and fragrances across your landscape. That’s why you should cluster them in groups to achieve a colorful appeal or the much-needed fragrance.

You can cluster plants based on their color, numbering, fragrance, and light and water requirements, to achieve a harmonious or intriguing experience. Timeless landscape designs for plants can turn an otherwise boring venue into an attractive luxurious paradise.

     ii. Frame your views

Living a long-lusting luxury lifestyle is like living in an art room. As such, you should emphasize the beauty of your landscape by framing each timeless view.

You can frame your landscape views by adding plantings. The trick is to grab the attention of your visitors by adding small plants in front of larger screening plants. This gives a much more favorable view.

Another way of achieving this is using stones as edges of your garden to prevent plants from overgrowing to pathways. It offers curb appeal to passers-by.

  iii. Leverage your space with outdoor living

Your outdoor space shouldn’t be all about plants and manipulated terrain. Try to live inside out. Bring the indoor experience out and have an alfresco kitchen or even convert your above-ground deck into an outdoor living space.

Your outdoor living spaces can also include patios as outdoor bars or sitting areas. Or, an infinity pool overlooking scenic views. Whichever the design is, the idea behind long-lusting luxury is making life enjoyable, and more so outside.

   iv. Build quality relationships

Are you familiar with the saying, a real friend walks in when the rest of the world walks out? It isn’t far from reality when creating timeless luxury landscaping.

Relationships are an essential aspect of attracting long-lasting luxury. By creating a close circle of friends and family who appreciate luxury landscaping, you’ll gather support and landscape design ideas to transform your outdoor space. The support improves your odds of achieving long-lasting luxury with your landscape.

Wrapping up

It’s no secret that homeowners want to improve their home experiences by incorporating timeless landscape designs. They stand to benefit from the aesthetic potential of their homes and an increased home value when selling their property.

At Arteriors, we hope you’ll consider this guide to creating a timeless landscape design and the tips for long-lasting luxury to reap the benefits of timeless landscape designs. We’re a passionate landscape design team with the creativity and craftsmanship of fulfilling your desired timeless landscape design.

Some of our timeless landscape designs include infinity pools, swim-up bars and lounges, custom artificial turf, and swimming pool lighting. Contact us now for a personalized timeless landscape design.

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